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123CS01 - Chemistry


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1. Year of Bachelor study programme
Tutorial range: 3+1 z, zk

1. Chemical composition of building raw materials (primary and secondary), chemistry of inorganic bonding compounds I. (K123)
2. Chemistry of inorganic bonding compounds II, aggregates. (K123) 
3. Chemical properties of glass, ceramics, and refractories. (K123)
4. Metals in building (fundamental and chemical properties, corrosion, preventions against corrosion). (K123)
5. Macromolecular compounds on carbon and silica basis, plastics in building (fundamental and chemical properties), and usually used plastics. Wood and cellulose (fundamental and chemical properties, degradation and prevention), asphalt, tar, and resin. (K123) 
6. Degradation of non-metal building materials – physical, chemical, and biological. Sampling and sample preparation, fundamentals of quantitative and qualitative analysis.  Mistakes of chemical analysis, treatment and interpretation of analytical results. (K123)
7. Introduction to chemistry studies, principles of general chemistry, inorganic and organic compounds nomenclature, chemical bonds, fundamental chemical laws. (K144)
8. Fundamentals of thermodynamics, chemistry of acids and bases, properties of gases and electrochemistry. Chemical reactions, kinetics of chemical reactions, fundamentals of chemical calculations. (K144)
9. Water: water circulations in nature, physico-chemical water properties, chemical composition, substances presence in water and their importance. (K144)
10. Water: drinking and sewage water, water purification, water in building, ram water, water protection. (K144)
11. Air and atmosphere: atmosphere composition, atmospheric pollution, dispersion and diffusion of pollutants in atmosphere, reactions in atmosphere, atmosphere protection. (K144)
12. Soil: composition, properties, pollution, soil chemistry, soil in building, soil protection, remediation of contaminated soil. (K144)

1. Solving of inorganic and organic compounds nomenclature.
2. Access to chemical examples solving – quantities and units, constants, calculation rounding and interpretation of results. Composition of compounds and mixtures.
3. Stechiometric calculations.
4. Compounds balance in solutions – composition, preparation, mixing and diluting.
5. Redox reactions.
6. Practical laboratory lessons K144 – methods of water analysis.
7. Practical laboratory lessons K123 – methods of building materials analysis.

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