Basic information

Name of subproject: Immobilization of heavy metals in municipal waste incinerator materials

Number of subproject: A/CZ0046/1/0027

Grant recipient: Czech Technical University in Prague

Grant provider: Financial mechanisms of European Economic Area and Norway (FMs EEA/Norway)

Grant intermediary: National training fund, o.p.s. (Národní vzdělávací fond, o.p.s.)

The subproject “Immobilization of heavy metals in municipal waste incinerator materials” has been supported from the EEA/Norway Grants and the Czech Republic state budget by means of the Research Support Fund. The project is intermediated by National training fund, o.p.s. The subproject is solved by Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil engineering as grant recipient and by two partners: Norwegian research organization SINTEF and by Institute of chemical processes fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, v.v.i. The duration of the subproject is from 1.1.2009 to 30.6.2010.

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